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Universalizing Basic Literacy: How to get every child reading?

Source: Worldbank BlogsBy MICHAEL CRAWFORD, MARIA BARRON, MARCELA GUTIERREZ & ELAINE DING Global trends, including disruptive technology, climate change, and rapidly evolving demographics, continuously redefine the skills that learners need to develop…

Kandahar Solar Energy, BusinessDNA 9th Edition
Kandahar Solar, Symbol of Renewable Energy in Afghanistan

BusinessDNA 9th Edition, Page 28Contributed by Asian Development Bank Project Capacity: 15 MWTotal Project Cost: 18.89$ million ADB Loan amount: 7.85$ million Afghanistan is a founding member of the Asian Development Bank…

COVID-19 crisis response in Central Asia

New Covid-19 response brief from the Link to the original file by OECD is Overview The global COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant negative impact on the economies of Central…

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