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Upholding the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Era of COVID-19

BusinessDNA 11th Edition – Upholding The Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Era of COVID-19 – How Businesses Survive in COVID-19

Are Afghan Youth Overlooked? The Case of Why It’s Key to Invest in Them

BusinessDNA 10th Edition, Page 64By Sameera Sarwar – ACCA Member, Co-founder of RomanSam Audit & Consulting Firm, and Senior Accounting Specialist of the Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance. Connect with her on…

Three Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

BusinessDNA 10th Edition, Page 22By Hayatullah Sayedi – Founder & Managing Director at We Empower Afghanistan and the Lead Organizer of TEDx AUAF. Entrepreneurship means fulfilling your dreams and working with passion.…

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