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Reinvent Yourself!

Reinvent Yourself!

By Fereshta Khaled, a motivated expert recruiter with a voracious appetite for scientific knowledge and a perpetual desire to influence her network

Build the greater version of yourself in 1399 by integrating standard scientific activities and practices into your life

I have always been a science enthusiast and as a result of that, I am constantly beyond eager to integrate activities and habits into my life that are scientifically proven to make me a more effective individual on a professional and personal scale.

As the Afghan New Year 1399 just started, I highly encourage you to use science to reinvent yourself. As you work on reinventing yourself, you have to keep in mind that there is not only one golden key to creating a successful, peaceful, and positive life for yourself. You can either permit your choices to help you evolve or hold you back.

With that being said, what choice(s) are you going to make this new year? Here are some actions that you can take to significantly evolve this new year:

  1. Start Writing Down Your Goals

Daily, many ideas and goals cross our minds and we find moments in which we even revisit those ideas and goals. Though, when ideas and goals are not recorded, they remain merely wishes. So, take a piece of paper and write down your goals and aspirations! When you simply just “think” about your goals and aspirations, you only tap into the right hemisphere of your brain whereas when you take an effort to write down your goals and aspirations, you get the opportunity to tap into the left hemisphere of your brain as well. This simple effort provokes your subconscious mind to “see” prospects that you would have potentially missed given that you had only gone as far as thinking about them.

According to a Harvard Business Study, individuals that wrote down their goals were three times more successful than individuals who did not make the effort to write down their goals or aspirations. (1)

  1. Create a Positive Headspace for Yourself

I have come across many individuals who are stuck in the mentality that success drives happiness, but in reality, it is the other way around. When we are in a positive headspace, our brains promote more creativity, motivation, resilience, and productivity. From today onwards, you need to prioritize yourself. You need to take time to appreciate yourself and remind yourself how important you are. Just as you charge your phone, you need to charge yourself as well. I urge you to focus on making time for yourself and do things that make you feel good. This effort will prove to be extremely beneficial for you, I promise.

“You can either permit your choices to help you evolve or hold you back.”

– Fereshta Khaled

  1. Incorporate Exercise in Your Daily Life

Take the initiative to regularly exercise to maintain a good overall state of health. To be in the best mental state, it is extremely vital to ensure you create a routine in which you exercise at least three times a week. Now, let’s dive into some scientific evidence so that you could have more insights into why exercising regularly is so important.

When you participate in an exercise, especially aerobic exercise, multiple areas of your brain are impacted. Through exercise, you get the opportunity to raise your heart rate which in return results in more oxygen being pumped to your brain (how cool is that?!). Furthermore, exercise stimulates the release of growth factors which are chemicals within our brains that impact the growth of new blood vessels and the health of our brain cells. On the same token, exercise has been shown to decrease inflammation, insulin resistance, and the risk of developing many diseases!

As you experience these numerous benefits of exercising, you are driven to be more successful as a result of your improved memory retention, decreased levels of stress, high levels of oxygen, and more. Prioritize yourself by incorporating exercise into your routine which in return will drive you towards the peak of your success. What are you waiting for now?!

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Value of Social Connection

Often, I see so many people underestimate the value of social connection. The reality is that social connection is critical for both your physical and mental health. Numerous researches conclude that being socially connected is not only important but very beneficial to every single individual.

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Research by Steve Cole demonstrated that social connection actually boosts our immune system. Individuals who do not lack social connections typically have higher self-esteem and a lower chance of depression and anxiety.

On the other hand, the opposite is true for individuals that are not as socially connected. Typically, a low level of social connection has been linked with a decrease in both psychological and physical health. (2)

You can be socially connected in various ways. Start with cultivating your current relationships. Moreover, I would suggest you keep a close social network among which you would be able to carry conversations beyond small talk. Fortunately, in today’s time, you are capable of connecting with a diverse slate of individuals within a few clicks so feel free to even utilize social platforms, such as LinkedIn.

Additionally, you can partake in social gatherings and professional networking events arranged by organizations in your community to meet like-minded individuals and foster long-lasting relationships with your community.

Keep in mind that integrating any of these things into your life will not just happen overnight, so remain consistent, persevere through the obstacles ahead of you, and be patient with yourself. You can do anything that you set your mind to!

Happy Nowruz 1399!

I truly hope this Nowruz brings you and your loved ones lots of love and warmth. Wishing you a year that marks the beginning of a remarkable era of success and happiness in your life. Please do not hesitate to connect with me via LinkedIn @fereshta-khaled

“You can do anything that you set your mind to!”

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