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Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

BusinessDNA 10th Edition, Page 12
By Tabasum Lutfi Chief Operating Officer at TriVision

As the world is shaken by a global pandemic and accompanying global recession of seemingly unprecedented levels, businesses and industries of all sizes are scrambling to stay afloat. The advent of such uncertain market conditions has caused a sudden shift in consumer behavior. All organizations, regardless of their sector, will need to ask themselves the question: what kind of a communications approach should be implemented during such an unprecedented crisis? Should the entire marketing budget be put on hold, or are there impactful ways to invest in keeping stakeholders informed and connected? Here are some tips to reenergize your digital marketing and content strategy amid the Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Stay Connected

In a time when there are more questions than there are answers clear objective, and sustained communication with both internal and external stakeholders is critical to keeping your business afloat.

First and foremost, if you are still operating and providing services, let your stakeholders know. Do not assume they know you are still open for business. These are uncertain times, and there is no room for assumptions. Second, communicate how your organization follows guidelines as set out by public health experts, and specify the steps you are taking to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. Be active on social media and send out regular e-newsletters. Consistently keep your audience informed and engaged by providing them with helpful resources and tips on coping with the situation. Find ways to conduct business virtually. Turn your in-person events virtual. Whether you are holding weekly staff meetings on Zoom or hosting a webinar, there is plenty of simple-to-use, cost-effective (or free!) technologies within reach to stay connected. Staying quiet during a pandemic will only make your business seem out of touch, or out of business.

2. Make It About Your Customer

The overarching idea behind the ideal marketing strategy is to change it at the very core, and shift from ‘how to sell more’ to ‘how to support my customers more efficiently.’

Now more than ever, the customer should be at the center of your marketing and overall business strategy. Listening to them and monitoring their behavior on social media and other channels will help you act accordingly and create fresh and relevant content that builds loyalty, rather than a backlash.

One way to help customers notice you is to show you care about the social dimension of this pandemic. Make a contribution, donate, or stand for a cause. Donate masks to the local hospital and clinics. Waive extra fees and offer discounts. Offer free refreshments or meals.

Big brands are already doing this. Starbucks – a global coffeehouse and roaster chain – is giving away free coffee to healthcare workers. Uber Eats – the online food ordering and delivery platform owned by Uber Taxi – is waiving delivery fees for independent restaurants in an effort to promote struggling businesses.

Timeliness and flexibility also matter. React quickly and make changes to your business practices as per new government restrictions.

3. Focus on What Your Business Does Well

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Find creative ways to help your customers get through these difficult times by offering them services that are at the core of your business. This is the time to offer them a taste of your knowledge and expertise.

For example, if you are in finance, offer them a free virtual consultation or webinar on how to save money during the pandemic.

If you are a gym or fitness instructor, set up a free online workout sessions for your customers (and their friends) to join from home. You may not be making direct money from it, but it will certainly help maintain your customers’ interest and loyalty, plus expand your reach.

F45 Training, which has a franchise in south & north Kabul, is doing this by launching the “F45 At-Home” workouts via the website or app. This program is open to anyone with an active F45 membership in any of their global studios.

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