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The 10th Edition of BusinessDNA is Here!

The 10th Edition of BusinessDNA is Here!

Introducing the cover entrepreneur, Roeen Rahmani, the unstoppable pioneer in Afghanistan’s education sector. From graduating high school at the mere age of fourteen, to launching Afghanistan’s first private university, to consistently advocating for investment in quality primary, secondary, and higher education – the impact of Roeen’s journey can be seen through the many facets of Kardan University, Kardan International School (KIS) and Kardan Schools, the country’s most prestigious and innovative private education group.

BusinessDNA 10th Edition Launch - Kabul Serena - Sanzar Kakar - Roeen Rahmani
BusinessDNA 10th Edition Launch

In this edition, you’ll read:

  • The Unstoppable Pioneer in Afghanistan’s Education Sector: How Roeen Rahmani is Nurturing the Next Generation of Afghan Leaders
  • Young Woman Launches Tehran’s First Afghan Café: A Short Story of Fatemeh Jafari, Owner of Telma Café
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Afghan MSMEs
  • The Difference Exercise Makes by Samantha McCarthy
  • How to Engage and Motivate Employees: A Complete Guide
  • The Hammer and the Nail: A Harder Hit of COVID-19
  • Meet the Young Secret Serial Entrepreneur of Afghanistan: Farshaid Rafi Owner of Five Successful Businesses in Kabul
  • What the COVID-19 Outbreak Means for Afghanistan’s Troubled Economy?
    & more…

The 10th edition of Business DNA comes with an amazing set of stories, articles, statistics, and updates. Check it out for free at Business DNA’s website and through our distribution centers across Kabul. Photos, videos, quotes, and management tips can be found on Business DNA’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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