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BusinessDNA is in Dubai

BusinessDNA is in Dubai

January 30, 2021

You heard it right, BusinessDNA is now available in Dubai, the city everyone loves!

Every new edition of the magazine brings a moment of delight and joy for us all. The enormous amount of interest, love, and support we receive is nothing but a source of motivation to do and deliver more. As the magazine has been made free across all our distribution points in Kabul, as well as online at Digital BusinessDNA, now is the time to climb higher grounds. If you reside in Dubai, this is the chance to get your favorite edition of the magazine for FREE.

Find us at the FGI Solutions, 1214 C1 Building, Dubai, UAE. 

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Mobile: +971 6 88 11 467

Living in Kabul, help yourself find our distribution points in Kabul.

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